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North Country



  North Country Estates has been planned and developed to be a quality neighborhood in a rural setting with spacious lots where owners can have the privacy of space, feeling of community, and close proximity to schools, work and shopping.  The lot sizes and restrictions are such that each owner will be able to utilize their own individuality while at the same time being consistent enough to not impose on neighbors.  The following is a highlight of the primary restrictions that apply to each lot:

  • Only one single family residential dwelling and appurtenances (add-ons) ordinary to residential living.
  • Appurtenances (add-ons) require approval of a NCE Represenative.
  • Occupancy of dwellings limited to owner, their relatives and one person not related or a renter and persons related to that renter.
  • Consulting or similar in-house business activity that has limited customer traffic is allowed only in single family houses.
  • Minimum 1,800 square feet of living area excluding porches, garages, patios, and the like.
  • Exterior walls must be at least 75% masonry.
  • Set backs/building lines: Front and Public roadways, 75' and 50'; Sides except on roadways 50' and 30', rear 30'.  First dimension is for FM 974 and second for all other roadways.
  • Governmentally approved septic system required.
  • The color scheme, design, height, configuration, and location of all structrues, including, but not limited to the primary single family dwelling, garages, barns, outbuildings, stables and the like located on a lot shall be subject to approval of a NCE represenative.
  • Fences fronting streets are required to be post and three-rail, white in color, polyvinyl or wood and of a specific design. 
  • To view available lots for sale click here.